Soren Pooping

I never thought that pooping would be considered cute. And, for most people, it probably isn’t. But my grandson, Soren, is not most people.

He groans and his whole body shakes, then he grunts hard. All the while, his grandma and I laugh like hyenas on a bender. We make cooing noises and say things like, “You’re pooping, aren’t you? What a cutie! He’s so cute.” And we mean it. He’s pooping, and we think it’s the cutest thing in the world! We really need to get out of the house more often…

Of course, Soren is six weeks old. I doubt very seriously that as he ages his pooping will continue to be such an event. In fact, once it starts to stink, I doubt that Lanette and I will laugh with such joy. We will probably be glad that Soren can go back to his mom and dad while we go on our merry way.

So why is pooping so cute? It isn’t, really. Soren is cute. He is our first grandbaby and we love him like crazy. Lanette and I were holding Soren and talking about how ga-ga we are over this little guy. She looked at him and said, “Yeah, and he hasn’t done anything to deserve it.” And she’s right. Soren doesn’t do anything exciting, really. He doesn’t really laugh. Oh, we say it is a laugh, but it is really gas and we know it. I mentioned on my Facebook page that I would like to be able to pass gas like Soren does. His whole body is involved and everybody thinks it’s cute. When I pass gas, nobody thinks it’s cute.

No, Soren hasn’t done anything to deserve our love and devotion. Yet, we offer it unconditionally and unwaveringly. We really would do anything we could for this kid. I would fight any man alive to protect him, and God help whoever tried to hurt him. I may not be the strongest guy in the world, but I would surely be the most motivated.

As he gets older he will grow and more things will be expected of him. Sure, pooping in your diaper is cute at six weeks. At six years old, not so much. At sixteen, well, there’s a real problem.

One of the great things about the church I co-pastor, Remnant, is that we have so many people who are new to faith. They are learning and growing, and it is exciting. Now, as they grow, they make mistakes. It is a natural part of the growth process.

We did a series on sexuality called, “You Can’t Say That In Church.” The idea was that we can glorify God by our purity and the way we handle this touchy area of life.

As the church continues to grow in size and in spiritual depth, my co-pastor Jeremiah and I will expect the people who attend Remnant to grow in this area and others. If you fail, you can take care of that; it’s part of growth. If you continue to fail in the same area, something is wrong with the way you are handling yourself.

I know people who have been in church for twenty years. They don’t have twenty years of experience, they have one year’s experience twenty times. They continually make the same mistakes in their lives because they refuse to give God the place in their lives he really desires.

Soren will continue to grow, and his Grandpa Godsey will continue to think he is the cutest kid in the world. And just like God’s love for us, Soren didn’t do a thing to deserve it, it is freely given.

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