Earthworm Fred

Fred is busy. He has work to do, and he gets it done. He goes through his life just fine. He doesn’t think he has any problems, and he doesn’t need any help. His friends have told him there is more than this life, but he’s not buying it. “What more can there be than this,” he thinks to himself. His friends talk about a being that is more powerful, more advanced and totally different.

Fred doesn’t have any use for mysterious beings that are higher than him. He can’t put his hands on it, he has never seen evidence, never touched them, so he doesn’t believe. “If you can prove to me that there is something greater than me, I will believe it. But until I can comprehend it with my mind, until I can figure it out, I refuse to believe it exists.”

Just a few feet from where Fred lives, something he can’t even imagine is going on. The being that he doesn’t think exists is getting dressed for work, eating dinner with his wife and going about his daily routine. Just because Fred doesn’t understand or comprehend what he does doesn’t mean that he doesn’t exist.
Fred is an earthworm in my backyard. He would be totally shocked to find out that I am living just a few feet from him. He would be awestruck to find out that I have legs and move by walking. Cars, television and toasters would mystify him beyond his wildest dreams. The fact that Fred can’t figure me out doesn’t mean that I don’t exist and doesn’t diminish my life. It just means that Fred doesn’t have the capacity to fully understand someone like me.

We did a series at Remnant called “Elements” and it is all about what Christians believe and why. The first few weeks were about God, and I have been really spinning in my head trying to grasp the magnitude, magnificence and love of the God I serve.

John Wesley put it best, “Show me a worm who can comprehend a man, and I will show you a man who can comprehend God.” Just as it would be arrogance for Fred to deny my existence simply because his tiny brain can’t figure me out, so it is arrogance for people to say that there is no God simply because they can’t wrap their mind around it.

God is not diminished by unbelief. He is still just as magnificent, just as powerful, just as amazing. God isn’t diminished, but your life is. You’re missing out on the greatest thing that can happen to you, a relationship with the God who sent his own Son for you. It truly is amazing.

Deep within the core of the sun, the temperature is 27 million degrees. The pressure is 340 billion times what it is here on Earth. And in the sun’s core, that insanely hot temperature and unthinkable pressure combine to create nuclear reactions. In each reaction, 4 protons fuse together to create 1 alpha particle, which is .7 percent less massive than the 4 protons. The difference in mass is expelled as energy, and after one million years, through a process called convection, this energy from the core of the sun finally reaches the surface, where it’s expelled as heat and light.

Now that was all kind of interesting, but you know what? I didn’t need to know all that in order to get a tan! If you are one of the people out there who just can’t figure out God, quit trying. You don’t really need to understand God to worship him.

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Getting a tan and digging up Fred… Jerry

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