Christmas Rant 2016

Well, it is Christmas time again. Is it just me, or does it seem that retailers start celebrating it earlier and earlier every year? At this rate we will eventually have a combination Christmas/President’s Day/Independence Day sale where you can give the gift of 10% off a mattress and dining room set, just like our founding fathers and the wee baby Jesus/Satan Claus, I mean Santa Claus, wanted.​Even before their Thanksgiving dinner began digesting, people ran out of their houses to get killer deals on TV’s, X Boxes and assorted other junk that they can buy just as cheaply at the final, final Christmas sale of the year.

​Since Thanksgiving is over, it is time to start laying out the Christmas doodads. Some people will put out their baby Jesus manger scenes. Some people will put Santa, Rudolph and various other pseudo-Christmas items all over their yards and homes. Some people (like me) will put nothing out because it doesn’t make sense, and they don’t give in to peer-pressure. There are others (like me, too), who put up the Christmas lights because their wives say they have to. Stupid Christmas lights…

​I really try not to give in to my Grinch-like characteristics during this time of year. Okay, I don’t try very hard, but maybe a little. Okay, I don’t try at all, but how can I help it?

​Every time I see the dancing Santa figure, or hear “Happy Holidays” from people who will gladly take Christmas Day off of work, or see the “Keep Christ in Christmas” bumper sticker, it brings out my Grinchiness.

​I will have to hear news stories about the attack on Christmas. Yes, there is an attack on Christmas, mostly because of how militant we Christians are that everything should be done our way. Look, the world is not going to understand Christmas until we introduce them to Jesus, and we can’t do that by being reactionary to every slight or flat denial of what Christmas is all about.

​The renewed furor over the color and decorations, or lack thereof, on Starbucks cups is coming, and that will make me nuts, too. Last year I mentioned the word moron in connection with Christian’s over-reacting about Starbucks and immediately lost at least two email subscribers to my email list. Bye, Felicia! If you are over 30, look that phrase up. I know I had to…

​Christians, my plea to you this year, like every other year, is to make this the best Christmas ever by sharing it with others. Instead of over-reacting to meaningless Christmas snubs, let’s show people the love of Christ.

​Make sure your “Jesus is the reason for the season” bumper sticker is remembered because you were courteous on the roads, and in parking lots.

​Instead of hoarding as many gifts as we can, let’s find someone to be generous to, and bless them.

​Maybe we can introduce our friends to the Jesus who have his life for us. Show them what Jesus has done for you, and watch them embrace the Christ of Christmas.

​Let’s determine that next year will be the year that goes down as our best year in Christ ever. Make sure that you spend every day trying to get closer to Christ, your family, and those around you. Christmas is more than decorations, more than controversies, and much, much more than gifts. It is about Jesus, and showing the world how Christmas changes our lives every day, not just once a year.

Grumbling while putting up those stupid lights… Jerry

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