The Roman Soldier

“Who’s up first today, Artemis?”

“Some Jew,” I answered. “Man, am I tired of these guys with their strange laws and their goofy ideas. This one says he’s the king of the Jews!” My head tilted back in laughter at this ludicrous thought. How could the Jews have a King? After all, weren’t they our prisoners? Captives in their own land, that could never happen to us Romans. King indeed. Ha! Continue reading The Roman Soldier

Uncle Bill

I learned last night that my uncle, Pastor Bill Brewer, passed away. Uncle Bill was my mentor, my tormentor, my surrogate father, one of my heroes and my friend all rolled into one.

It was Uncle Bill who moved my family out of an inner-city Los Angeles ghetto to Imperial Valley. He had visited my mom, seen our living conditions, and then took it upon himself to help us have a better life. I’m sure he regretted the decision at a truck stop in Indio when my pitbull Prince relieved himself on Uncle Bill’s leg. Uncle Bill was scared of Prince, and rightly so, so he just pleaded quietly for me to get my dog to quit using his leg as a fire hydrant. Continue reading Uncle Bill