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The County Clerk

imageFeeling hungry, I drove down to the local diner. I perused the menu and made my choice: eggs, bacon and flapjacks. When the waitress brought the plate, I quickly noticed something was wrong. No eggs, no bacon, no golden, flaky flapjacks! Instead I saw a peach half, cottage cheese and a stalk of celery on the plate. “Um, excuse me, miss. None of this is what I ordered.” She answered matter-of-factly, “Well, sir, you are fat. I cannot in good conscience bring you food that will just make you fatter.” My stomach roared its disapproval and I left, still hungry. Continue reading The County Clerk

On The Radio

microphone-1461544I have been doing a radio show on Tuesday afternoons on 95.3 FM, The Edge. To say that I am not the target demographic for The Edge is putting it lightly. The radio station is aimed at teens and young adults. They play a lot of rap, not necessarily my favorite music. They also play some really intense music that sounds a lot like my dog growling at the other dogs when he has a bone. Well, Bolt with a bone if he could play tasty guitar riffs. Heck, I have socks older than the target demographic of this station. When they do Throwback Thursday songs I just mutter to myself. Sorry, Throwback Thursday should be Sweet Comfort Band, Steve Camp, LoveSong, or Petra, not some band that had a hit five years ago! Continue reading On The Radio

Sermon Audio: The Frog Prince

FrogPrince-300x213My latest sermon in Remnant’s series. “Fractured Fairy Tales.” This sermon is all about how to maintain the relationships in our homes. If you know someone who is struggling with their role as a mom, dad or kid, please forward them this link….

The Frog Prince
Sunday, July 5, 2015
Pastor Jerry Godsey
mp3 audio: The Frog Prince

Gay Marriage

wedding rings          Well, it finally happened. On Friday, the United States Supreme Court declared that gay marriage was now the law of the land. I saw all kinds of rhetoric being thrown about on Facebook and other social media. People in support of gay marriage changed their profile pics by adding rainbow filters, while many against the law change added a cross filter to theirs.

I left my profile pic alone. Continue reading Gay Marriage