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Standup Bucket List

Tonight I will check an item off of my bucket list. I will try my hand at standup comedy. I don’t know if I’ll be funny or not. I know I am funny looking, but I am not sure that really counts for much. I have always tried to be humorous in this column, and in my sermons. I often fail miserably in that pursuit, yet I keep trying.

I have always had goals. When I was a kid, I just knew I was going to play professional football or baseball, or maybe both. A blown knee ended those dreams.

In high school I decided to become an actor. I have done a few things since then, but nothing compares to playing King Lear my senior year of high school. I will never be in a movie or on Broadway. Continue reading Standup Bucket List

Marriage Reality

He stands at the front of the church in a rented tuxedo, breathlessly waiting for his blushing bride to walk down the aisle. As he stand there in shoes that pinch, the underwear he is wearing is the only clothing that belongs to him, and all he can think about is how happy they are going to be.

She stands in the foyer of the church, dressed in the prettiest wedding gown she could find. Her father grabs her by the elbow and says, “Are you ready, Honey?” She tearfully nods, and begins the walk down the aisle to her new life. Continue reading Marriage Reality

Sermon Audio: F-Bomb: Collision Avoidance

Arguments and misunderstandings are going to happen in relationships, but can we cut down on how often they happen? Yes, we can! In this message, Pastor Jerry Godsey gives Biblical insight into how to avoid collisions in our relationships.

F-Bomb: Rules Of Engagement

It’s a sad, but inevitable, truth that we will have disagreements with those who are closest to us. How do we resolve the differences without rancor or ugly words? Pastor Jerry Godsey discusses the “Rules Of Engagement” for our relationships.