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Ellie From Afar

My grandson, Soren, is visiting Grandma and Grandpa for three weeks. We’re having a blast. We’ve gone to the San Diego Zoo, we’ve watched Cars 2 (or as Soren calls it Finn McMissile) at least 100 times, and raced Monster Trucks on the PS3. Good times.

The reason for the visit, at least the excuse we used with his parents, was our new granddaughter, Ellie. Ellie was born a few weeks ago and just happens to be the cutest baby in the world. As my son, Critter put it, Ellie is in rare company, she is only the third female in our family. Continue reading Ellie From Afar

A Sweet Aroma

This morning as I hugged and kissed my wife goodbye, my hands touched her face in a tender moment. It was a sweet way to start the day, and I loved it.

About three hours later I was sitting at my desk, working on some type of paperwork and I rested my face against my hand. Suddenly I got a faint whisper of my wife’s perfume. I was whisked back to this morning, and that sweet embrace. Over the next couple of hours I moved my hand to my face to breathe in the essence of the love of my life. It was just a whiff of perfume, but it reminded me of her, and all that she means to me. Continue reading A Sweet Aroma

From the Archives: Getting Old

When I wake up in the mornings it takes me a while to get out of bed.  My back hurts, me knees ache, and my mouth tastes like I slept with a dirty gym sock in it. My wife says it smells that way, too.  Sweet lady, huh

I used to bound out of bed in the mornings after only three or four hours of sleep.  I still get up, I just don’t bound anymore.  More like lumber, or stumble.  Yeah, that’s it, I stumble out of bed in the mornings. Continue reading From the Archives: Getting Old

Tadpole Babies

My babies were dead. All ten of them. Wiped out in a moment of senseless violence. My children had been murdered, and my brother Greg had done it.

I loved my babies. My dad and I went to the lake and retrieved them lovingly, one by one. Oh sure, they were tadpoles now, but they would be turning into babies soon. I was going to raise them; I would be their dad. Continue reading Tadpole Babies

Some Deep (And Not So Deep) Christmas Thoughts

A bird got loose in my house once. I tried everything to save that stupid bird. He flew away from me every time I got near him. He just didn’t understand that I was trying to help him, not hurt him. Eventually, he met his demise in an ugly meeting with one of my ceiling fan blades. He shuffled off this mortal coil never realizing that the fat guy with the sheet, laundry hamper and broom was just trying to save him from his own actions. That describes Christmas to me. The Son of God left the beauty of heaven and came down to earth to save me from my own bad decisions and make my life better than it could possibly be without him. He wants to do the same for you, and that baby in the manger is His way of showing you. Continue reading Some Deep (And Not So Deep) Christmas Thoughts

The Beard

It all started with my grandpa…

“Why don’t you shave off your beard, Jerry? You look like a criminal.” Hardly the kind of support you look for from your grandfather, but his true thoughts nonetheless. His simple statement sent my head spinning. “What would I look like without my beard?” I wondered.

So I shaved it off. After twenty years with a mustache, over twelve years with a beard of some sort, I shaved it all off. Continue reading The Beard

Saturdays With Soren

I took my grandson, Soren, to McDonald’s. There were other people there, but really it was Soren and his grandpa. We went to Wal-Mart and got a toy (okay, two), ate lunch at the park, and had a cool time!

You see, this kid has got me all googly inside. Lanette and I talk about him when he’s not around, and we go through Soren withdrawal if we don’t see him for a while. I even signed him up for the Hot Wheels Redline Club so he can have a collection of Hot Wheels like Grandpa. Continue reading Saturdays With Soren