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Stubborn Cattle

It was a crisp, clear January morning. My breath made little clouds as I unloaded the hay into the trough. The cattle, being cattle, crowded around the trough and started feeding as quickly as they could. They began pushing each other aside trying to get at the “good” hay. I stood back and watched as our cattle dug into the green, leafy goodness before them. Continue reading Stubborn Cattle

Stupid Things

I have done some stupid things in my life:

When I was a kid, I believed my dad when he told me that pollywogs turned into babies. I had a Miracle Whip jar full of future babies until my brother knocked them off the table.

I once started a fight with a kid who was bigger and older than me. I was in the front yard of my house, so I figured my mom would step in after I got a couple of shots in. I would be a hero in my neighborhood. Nope. My mom watched this kid rearrange me for a few minutes, then brought me into the house and spanked me for starting a fight. Continue reading Stupid Things