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1426260_41975453I got some fan mail on my website the other day. This beloved reader wanted to know who I was, um, being physically nice to at the paper so they would run my column. They also called me a hack and followed up their comments with a second missive, just as derisive as the first. Maybe they aren’t a fan after all.

I will admit, my first reaction was laughter. I imagined some chubby guy sitting in his mom’s basement in tighty-whiteys taking out his frustration with God, the church and the world in general by hammering out his post with his stubby Cheetos-stained fingers. Continue reading Fanmail!

Bandages In The Lemon Muffins

bandages and lemon muffinsI took Lanette to the Souplantation for a nice lunch. If you’ve never been to a Souplantation, you don’t know what you are missing. There are more salads than you can even dream up, or you can make your own. Then you get to the different kinds of pasta, chili, soup and baked goods. It was the baked goods that got me in trouble.

I was using the tongs to pick up a blueberry muffin. I love blueberry muffins, and I could hear their siren call while I was wasting my time filling my plate with salad. Continue reading Bandages In The Lemon Muffins

55 Years Old

1267744_87396573In February I turned 55 years old. That means I have been on this planet for over 20,000 days or 28,987,200 minutes! I was going to figure out how many seconds it is, but my calculator started smoking while trying to figure it out. I am running out of boxes on forms. I have gone from the 18-30 year old box to the 55 and over box. They don’t have any more boxes after that! Needless to say, I have been here a while. Continue reading 55 Years Old

Internet Lies

modemA while ago I signed up for superfast internet from the telephone company. It seemed like a great deal, way more speed than I had, and it actually cost less than the slower speed I was using. I was excited!

I got the new broadband all set up and was amazed at how fast it was! I could surf the web, check my email, and download stuff at amazing speeds. Very cool.
Continue reading Internet Lies